Excellent service, product and price

Excellent service, product and price I was so glad to have found M.A.L Battery Distributors in Port Elizabeth, because I was able to buy an exact replica from them of the battery that my imported car came fitted with. M.A.L sells batteries that are to the latest European standards, sizes, technologies and venting systems.

My previous local franchise battery’s venting system could not handle the alternator’s specified charge rate, although it being the franchise’s specified replacement battery for my car. With the result that a month after it had been fitted the surrounding area in the engine compartment showed signs of corrosion, because of the sulphuric gas that had been vented from the well known local franchised battery. The replacement battery bought from M.A.L has been fitted in my vehicle for almost 3 months now, with no signs of vented sulphuric gas damage in the surrounding engine compartment area. I am very happy with my purchase from M.A.L Battery Distributors and their competitive prices.

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