Flashlights Varta

VARTA flashlights, head lights, camping lanterns and beam lanterns,

ALMOST INDESTRUCTIBLE – THE INDESTRUCTIBLE SERIES FROM VARTA IS IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES AND PROFESSIONAL USE Rain, heat, cold, dirt, a fall from great heights, hard knocks, enormous pressure – VARTA’s Indestructible flashlights withstand any hardness test. The Indestructible range is uniquely robust and can achieve even more: The extremely high light output makes this unbreakable flashlight the ideal companion in the darkness. Experience this completely new type of flashlights! Various designs of flashlights, head lights, camping lanterns and beam lanterns, from entry-level to premium prices, from lightweight to extremely…

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Small Appliance

Varta Small Appliance Batteries : Used on the first moonlanding.

OUR PASSION: INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS THAT SET NEW STANDARDS Most people know that in 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon – yet very few know that VARTA was right there with him. The astronaut’s camera was equipped with VARTA batteries, and therefore successfully passed the operating test on the moon. We stand by our products and want to provide consumers with the best possible service. Today, we continue to set trends for the entire industry with pioneering product ideas, further developing our products on…

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Blog Deep Cycle High Cycle

Deep Cycle VS High Cycle Batteries

Cranking Batteries: Can supply large current Can accept large charge current (i.e. can be charged quickly) Do not like to be discharged deeply (life is shortened) Mostly automotive batteries.   Deep Cycle Batteries: More suited to deep discharging (more cycles) Can not supply very high current (not suited to winching),made for low current draw over a long period Can not be charged as quickly. Typically should not be discharged more than about 50%, i.e. don’t go below 50% state of charge   High Cycle Batteries: Used for standby (ups) Somewhere…

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