Lead Carbon

Lead Carbon Batteries

Lead Carbon batteries  are designed for applications that require fast charging and are frequently partially charged.  In short,  use them only in cycling applications.  You can charge them at much higher rates to get them full faster.  Up to 4 times faster.  They can operate in a partial state of charge as long as they are fully charged at least every 10 cycles. Do not use them for standby use.  IE UPS.  (when the battery is constantly on float charge) Not for this application. Here you want to use AGM. Lead-carbon…

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Blog Deep Cycle High Cycle

Deep Cycle VS High Cycle Batteries

Cranking Batteries: Can supply large current Can accept large charge current (i.e. can be charged quickly) Do not like to be discharged deeply (life is shortened) Mostly automotive batteries.   Deep Cycle Batteries: More suited to deep discharging (more cycles) Can not supply very high current (not suited to winching),made for low current draw over a long period Can not be charged as quickly. Typically should not be discharged more than about 50%, i.e. don’t go below 50% state of charge   High Cycle Batteries: Used for standby (ups) Somewhere…

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