Rentech Jaguar 2.4K 1440W Battery Box UPS

Rentech Jaguar 2.4K 1440W Battery Box is the perfect back-up power solution for Home and Office use during load shedding or unplanned power outages

  • The Rentech Jaguar Battery Box has a more powerful simulated sine wave inverter than its competitors
  • Longer lasting lead carbon batteries*
  • It has a built in overload and short circuit protection
  • Excellent deep cycle discharge ability*
  • Excellent charge acceptance ability*
  • Sleek integrated battery design
  • The Rentech Jaguar Battery Box is an easy to use plug and play system
  • It comes with four outlet plugs
  • It has LCD/LED display for comprehensive display
  • Cost-effective back-up power solution for Home or Office
  • 24 month warranty on Box
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  • Ideal for indoor home and office use.
  • More powerful simulated sine wave UPS inverter
  • Excellent charge acceptance
  • Excellent deep cycle discharge ability
  • Built in overload and short circuit protection
  • Superior build quality to competitors
  • Mobile trolley system
  • Four outlet plugs
  • Sleek integrated battery design
  • LCD / LED display for comprehensive information
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • The UPS Inverter plugs directly into the mains to charge the batteries
  • 24-month warranty (refer to Industrial Warranty Claims Customer Process form)

The Jaguar 2.4k 1440W Battery Box can typically run a small LED TV (50W), a DSTV decoder (30W), a Laptop (30W) an alarm (20W), a LED Lamp (5X5W) and charge a mobile phone (5W) for over 8 hours.