Rentech Jaguar 1.2K 12V Solar Inverter

This simulated sine wave solar ready power inverter is designed to power your home appliances and precious electronics. 

It can also handle motor-type loads with high surge power such as vacuums, small freezers or power drills. 

With a built in AC charger, it can convert utility power to battery power and provide continuous power to connected equipment during a load shedding or unplanned power outages.

This unit is designed for indoor use only.

This product has a 2 year warranty

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Rated power: 1200 VA / 720 W

Input voltage: 230 VAC

Transfer time: 20ms (typical)

Battery type: Rechargeable lead-acid and deep discharge battery

Waveform: Simulated sine wave

Dimensions (mm): (d) 300 x (w) 252 (h) 114

Weight: 4.2kg