Rentech 51.2V Rack-Mounted Lithium-Ion Battery – 50Ah


    • Over voltage protections system 
    • Low voltage protection system 
    • High temperature protection 
    • Low temperature protection 
    • Short circuit protection 
    • Over current protection 



    • Separate control and protection for the charge and discharge processes to maximize system availability 
    • Real-time detection of voltage, current, temperature, SOH, SOC and a variety of protection 
    • Support for parallel connection only 

    Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and more compact than lead acid batteries. They also have a higher Depth of Discharge (DoD) and longer lifespan when compared to lead-acid batteries. 

    Although lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries, it offers a lower life cycle and energy costs over the long run. It’s superior, empowering and an excellent long-term investment. 

    Rentech provides Lithium-ion batteries with proven Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) chemical composition and the range includes both 24V and 48V batteries, up to 7.68kWh. These batteries are designed for rack installation, and each battery has an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) to provide high reliability and safety and for parallel installation of up to 15 batteries. These batteries have a long lifespan of 6000 cycles at 80% DoD at 25°C and <0.3C charge/discharge rate.  


    • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) prismatic cells with high safety and reliability 
    • Fully automated production following a mature and stable process, ensuring consistent charge / discharge performance and life span 
    • IEC62133, UL and UN38.3 certifications 




    • Source of clean energy 
    • Reduced noise levels compared to generators 
    • Cost savings 
    • Uninterrupted electricity supply 




    Capacity and power ratings 

    • A battery’s capacity is the total amount of energy it can store, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The power rating is the amount of electricity that a battery can deliver at one time, measured in kilowatts (kW). A battery with high capacity and low power rating will deliver a low amount of electricity for a long time. A battery with a low capacity and high-power rating can run an entire home or larger operation, but only for a few hours. 


    Depth of Discharge 

    • Most solar batteries need to retail some charge at all time due to their chemical composition and to prolong their lifespan. The DoD refers to the maximum of a battery’s capacity that should be used. For example, sealed lead-acid solar batteries are usually operated at  £ 50% DOD to achieve a reasonable cycle life, while lithium-ion batteries can operate at 80% DOD, 8kWh from a 10kWh battery, and still provide 5 years or more cycle life. 


    Round-trip efficiency 

    • Round-trip efficiency represents the amount of energy that can be used as a percentage of the amount of energy required to fully charge a battery. For example, if a 5kWh capacity battery, which delivers 4 kWh electricity, would typically require 110% to 120% times the 4kWh to be fully recharged. The battery has 80% to 90% in round-trip efficiency. One should, however, remember that the battery is part of the total system, and the system also has inefficiencies and energy losses. 


    Battery life and warranty 

    A battery’s ability to hold a charge gradually decreases the more it is used. For example, a battery might be warrantied for 5000 cycles or 10 years at 70% of its original capacity. This means that at the end of the warranty, the battery will have lost no more than 30% of its original ability to store energy. 

    Solar batteries come with warranties that guarantee a certain number of cycles and/or years of useful life. 

    This product has a 5-year warranty with a 10-year warranty option (refer to Rentech Lithium Warranty form) 

This product must be installed by a qualified electrician/technician. All installations must adhere to local wiring/electrical regulations and standards. M.A.L Battery Distributors t/a Batteries Online, will not be held liable for any product malfunctions as a result of incorrectly installed systems.



BlueNova Lithium Battery Banks

PERFORMANCE: Charge/Discharge efficiency = 98% @ C10 Unmatched continuous power delivery Operates at up to 35°C without accelerated degradation   RELIABILITY: Minimum battery service life is 3600 cycles Auto-shutdown during fault conditions 10 Year battery warranty   ECONOMICAL: Costs less than R2 per kWh cycled Zero maintenance costs Up to 35% less PV panels /generator fuel required   The table below lists our latest standard product range, as well as maximum discharge current thresholds & lead acid equivalent values for each product. The conversion factor we’ve used to calculate lead…


Lead Acid vs Lithium / LiFePO4 vs Lead Acid Cranking Test

Lead Acid vs Lithium LiFePO4 vs Lead Acid Cranking Test