GC011 X-Connect 12V Dual-Size Male Plug

X-Connect 12 Volt Dual-Size Male Plug

X-Connect 12V Dual-Size Male Plug allows you to charge and maintain your vehicle’s battery through the 12-volt auxiliary port. Designed to fit both standard 12-volt outlets found on most modern vehicles and mini 12-volt outlets found on motorcycles and other powersports equipment.
  • Charge and maintain your battery through the 12-volt auxiliary port.
  • Works with both standard and mini 12-volt outlets.
  • More ways to charge with plug-n-play accessory changes.
  • Rugged, watertight connector for extreme environments.
  • Rugged, watertight connector for extreme environments you know you can now buy on Credit with us?


More ways to charge.

Rugged, water-resistant plug-n-play connections for maximum performance.

Permanently mount eyelet connectors on multiple vehicles to make hard-to-access batteries easy to charge. Charge through the 12V auxiliary or OBDII port from inside a vehicle, or simply extend the reach of your accessories. Whatever the case may be, X-Connect creates a solid weatherproof connection that provides maximum current flow and makes interconnecting different applications fast and easy. The possibilities are endless.


Connect to mini or standard 12V ports.

The base 12-volt plug will connect your device or accessory to a mini 12V auxiliary port. Add on the red adapter to connect to any regular size 12-volt auxiliary port in your car or boat.


Charge directly from your 12V port.

Every NOCO Genius Battery Charger has CANBUS enabled built-in every charger. Automatically charge through your motorcycles 12-volt auxiliary port without directly connecting to the battery. Makes charging CANBUS electrical systems simple and easy.

Technical Specifications.


X-Connect Female


12 Volt Dual-Size Male Plug

Wire Size



24 Inches

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Noco Genius



G1100, G3500, G4, G7200, G750