GX3626 – 26 Amp 36V UltraSafe Industrial Battery Charger

The GX3626 is a high-frequency, high-efficiency industrial battery charger for electric vehicles, like a golf cart, scissor lift, pallet jack, floor care machine or utility vehicle. It represents the latest technology for fast and efficient battery charging with multiple charging modes at a push of a button. It’s universally adaptable design allowed for global use with replaceable A/C and D/C cables and designed for all types of deep-cycle lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. And suitable for both on-and-off board applications.


The next generation of charging electric vehicles.

The most advanced industrial battery charger in its class.

Not only can it charge a wide-range of deep-cycle lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, but it’s as simple as a push of a button – no dip switches or downloadable software. And it’s paired with a robust battery repair method to combat battery sulfation and recover lost battery capacity, plus easily converts to a constant current, constant voltage power supply for zero voltage charging or equalizing unbalanced batteries.

36V Industrial Battery Charger For Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle Batteries

36V Norm Mode

Designed for charging deep-cycle 36-volt lead-acid battery systems, including Wet Cell, Gel Cell, Enhanced Flooded, Calcium, and Maintenance-Free.

36V Industrial Battery Charger For Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle AGM Batteries

36V Cold/AGM Mode

Designed for charging deep-cycle 36-volt AGM battery systems, or all types of lead-acid 36-volt battery systems in cold temperatures below 50ºF (10ºC).

36V Industrial Battery Charger For Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle Advanced AGM Batteries

36V AGM+ Mode

Designed for charging 36-volt advanced AGM battery systems, which requires a high charging voltages for deep cycle battery applications.

36V Industrial Battery Charger For Lithium-Ion Batteries

36V Lithium Mode

Designed for charging 36-volt lithium-ion battery systems that include a battery maintenance system (BMS), including lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Universally adaptable.

Universal input with swappable A/C and D/C cables.

A versatile industrial battery charger designed for worldwide use. Its internal magnetics and power design handle a wide-range of input voltages from 100-240VAC and frequencies from 50-60Hz. And with its removable A/C and D/C cords, it’s simple to change cables for each country or application – all in a water-resistant strain relief clamping system.

New industry standard.

Expertly designed. Precisely engineered. Manufactured tough.

An industrial battery charger that’s designed to last even the most rugged and harsh operating environments. Whether used as an on-board or off-board battery charger, its robust aluminum unibody design withstands shock and vibration for endless hours of operation. Its over-molded strain reliefs prevent unwanted stress on the cables while providing a water-resistant seal.

 Inhibit Feature

The inhibit function prevents electric vehicles from moving while charging, which prevents accidental damage to the connected cabling system. The inhibit port contains a 20A relay that closes when connected to A/C power and disables the vehicle.

Repair Mode

Repair Mode is an advanced battery recovery tool used to remove sulfated batteries, and regain lost battery capacity. It uses a combination of high voltage and low current to melt down sulfation and return it to the active material again.

Supply Mode

Supply Mode converts the industrial battery charger into a constant current, constant voltage power supply for zero voltage charging for troubleshooting low voltage batteries or equalizing unbalanced battery system for longer battery life.

Ingress Protection

Industrial battery charger applications get exposed to some of the toughest, and most extreme operating environments. Whether an on-board or off-board application, these chargers are shock, vibration, water, dirt and dust proof and rated at IP66.

Advanced diagnostics.

Battery charging with intelligence.

Smart industrial battery chargers can be frustrating. They do not simply begin charging upon detecting a weak or damaged battery. Sometimes they will begin force charging if they detect an unsafe or abnormal charging condition. But prevention is just one aspect. Understanding and finding a solution is just as critical. Welcome to Advanced Diagnostics, which analyzes battery feedback and display a particular error pattern if a problem is detected. Each flash pattern tells you what’s wrong, and how to quickly fix it.
Single Flash: Battery will not hold a charge and should be checked by a professional.
Double Flash: Possible battery short, and should be verified by a professional.
Triple Flash: Battery voltage is too high for the selected charge mode. Double check the battery matches the charge mode.
Error LED Solid Red: Reverse polarity. Reverse the connections to the battery.
Standby LED Solid Orange: Battery voltage is too low for the battery charger to detect the battery.


Stabilizes the internal battery chemistry for increased battery performance and longevity by optimizing the batteries internal specific gravity.

Maintenance Plus

A powerful battery maintenance charge that monitors battery activity, but also provides a finishing charge every 24-hours, keeping batteries fully charged.


Dynamically alters the charging process based on organic battery feedback allowing for precision battery charging.


When detected, it applies a high-voltage low-current pulse charge causing battery sulfation to convert back to the active material, regaining lost battery capacity.


Protects against reverse polarity, sparks, overcurrent, open circuits, short circuits, overheating and overcharging.


We don’t design something that merely works, but remains safe after a major failure. So we built-in redundant levels of safety protection.

Opportunity Charging

Intended to recharge the maximal amount of energy while the electric vehicles are not in use – lunch time, breaks or intermittent use.

1 Year Warranty

Our battery chargers are built to last. That’s why we back it up with an unbeatable warranty and combine it with unparalleled customer service.

Efficient design.

Compact, yet powerful industrial battery charger.

A mix of electrical engineering and industrial design create a powerful battery charger into a tiny footprint. It uses high-frequency switch-mode technology to efficiency convert A/C power into safe D/C power for battery charging. And it’s onboard microcomputer precisely controls the charging to minimize power loss to create an incredibly compact form factor.


Additional information

Weight 5.98 kg
Dimensions 301 × 220 × 100 mm

Input Voltage AC


Battery Capacity Range

Charging Amperage

Power Consumption

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