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BlueNova Lithium Battery Banks


  • Charge/Discharge efficiency = 98% @ C10
  • Unmatched continuous power delivery
  • Operates at up to 35°C without accelerated degradation



  • Minimum battery service life is 3600 cycles
  • Auto-shutdown during fault conditions
  • 10 Year battery warranty



  • Costs less than R2 per kWh cycled
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Up to 35% less PV panels /generator fuel required


The table below lists our latest standard product range, as well as maximum discharge current thresholds & lead acid equivalent values for each product. The conversion factor we’ve used to calculate lead acid equivalent values is explained in brief below the table. Data sheets may be viewed by clicking on the product links below, and also saved as pdf documents from your web browser.

When sizing a LiFeYPO4 compared to a Lead Acid battery a 3 step adjustment for the rating has to be performed. (see BlueNova Product Launch Presentation for a detailed analysis)

Step 1: Adjust for DoD
LiFeYPO4 DoD = 100% for 3600 cycles
Lead Acid DoD = 50% for 1800 cycles
Adjustment factor = 0.5

Step 2: Adjust for Discharge Efficiency
LiFeYPO4 discharge efficiency >96%
Lead Acid discharge efficiency < 70% Difference > 25%
Adjustment factor = 0.75

Step 3: Adjust for terminal voltage
LiFeYPO4 voltage = 52V
Lead Acid voltage = 48V
Adjustment factor = .95



Mobile Power Series

Ultra-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology

• Integrated battery management System (BMS)
• Light weight & compact
• Water & dust resistant (IP56)
• Highly durable ABS enclosure
• Drop-in lead acid replacement.

View Mobile Range

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