60 Cell Solar Panel – YGE

  • Durability Durable PV modules, independently tested for harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to salt mist, ammonia and known PID risk factors.
  • Advanced Glass Our high-transmission glass features a unique anti-refl ective coating that directs more light on the solar cells, resulting in a higher energy yield.
  • Top-Selling Module Size First choice for millions of banks and investors, this size is well-suited for almost all PV applications.
  • PID Resistant Tested in accordance to the draft standard IEC 62804, our PV modules have demonstrated resistance against PID (Potential Induced Degradation), which translates to security for your investment.
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yingli solar yge 60 cell series 2 specs

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Additional information

Weight 18.5 kg
Dimensions 1640 x 990 x 35 mm