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Deep Cycle VS High Cycle Batteries

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Cranking Batteries:

  • Can supply large current
  • Can accept large charge current (i.e. can be charged quickly)
  • Do not like to be discharged deeply (life is shortened)
  • Mostly automotive batteries.

Deep Cycle Batteries:

  • More suited to deep discharging (more cycles)
  • Can not supply very high current (not suited to winching),made for low current draw over a long period
  • Can not be charged as quickly.
  • Typically should not be discharged more than about 50%, i.e. don’t go below 50% state of charge

High Cycle Batteries:

  • Used for standby (ups)
  • Somewhere in between Cranking and Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Can supply more current than Deep Cycle
  • Can be recharged more quickly than Deep Cycle
  • Typically should not be discharged more than about 25%, i.e. don’t go below 75% state of charge.
  • Withstand deep discharging (up to 50% capacity) better than Cranking batteries
  • Good option to run some auxiliary equipment to relieve the load on the deep cycle battery.



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