15 amp 12/24V NOCO Genius G15000 Multi-Purpose Battery Charger
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NOCO Genius® G7200 Battery Charger – Charge and Repair a Battery – Desulfate Car Battery

Review of the Noco Genius G7200 smart battery charger maintainer & repairer. The Noco Genius G7200 can repair, maintain, and charge 12v and 24v battery systems. It is safe to use and doesn’t apply voltage until it senses a battery, or until you select the power supply option. The Noco charger has settings for warm charging, cold charging, 12v, 24v, repair, AGM battery, and lithium battery charging.

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Which Noco Genius Charger will work for you?

Below is a diagram showing the differences between the different Noco Genius chargers to help you choose your next purchase. Multi-Purpose Next generation battery chargers and maintainers. UltraSafe smart battery chargers designed to fully charge and maintain cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks and more.  

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