Battery Banks Blue Nova

Blue Nova Battery Banks

PERFORMANCE: Charge/Discharge efficiency = 98% @ C10 Unmatched continuous power delivery Operates at up to 35°C without accelerated degradation   RELIABILITY: Minimum battery service life is 3600 cycles Auto-shutdown during fault conditions 10 Year battery warranty   ECONOMICAL: Costs less than R2 per kWh cycled Zero maintenance costs Up to 35% less PV panels /generator fuel required   The table below lists our latest standard product range, as well as maximum discharge current thresholds & lead acid equivalent values for each product. The conversion factor we’ve used to calculate lead…

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Lead Crystal Technical Bulletin

LEAD CRYSTAL – Charging and commissioning requirements

Initial charging current to be 0.3C ( IE 30 amps for each 100 A/H)a.This requirement is important and must be adhered too at all times. Bulk charging voltage is 2.45volt per cell @ 25°C (14.7 v for a 12volt block)a.Charging below this rate will result in partial charging and void any warranty. Absorption charging voltage is also to be 2.45 volt per cell @ 25°Ca.This should continue until the tail current reaches at least 0.03C (IE 3 amps for a 100A/H battery). Float charging voltage to be set at 2.26667…

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Charging Noco Genius

20 Amp 48V Noco Genius Battery Charger connected to a Golf Cart

The GX4820 is a high-frequency, high-efficiency industrial battery charger for electric vehicles, like a golf cart, scissor lift, pallet jack, floor care machine or utility vehicle. It represents the latest technology for fast and efficient battery charging with multiple charging modes at a push of a button. It’s universally adaptable design allowed for global use with replaceable A/C and D/C cables and designed for all types of deep-cycle lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. And suitable for both on-and-off board applications.          

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KEY BENEFITS Deep-cycle and cranking power Up to 3X longer life 15 times more vibration-resistant Virtually spillproof Mountable in virtually any position Maintenance-free Faster recharging Optimal starting power 300+ discharge/recharge cycle   Performance. It’s what you want from a battery and it doesn’t matter if you’re working, driving cross-country or just having fun. If you’re looking for pure power, look no further. OPTIMA® Batteries deliver supreme performance and reliability. Our unique SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® gives OPTIMA Batteries over 15 times more vibration resistance and increased cycle life compared to traditional batteries.…

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Jump-Starters Noco Genius

GB40 vs GB70 vs GB150

The next generation of jump starting. The NOCO Genius Boost is the ultimate portable lithium-ion battery jump starter pack. It features NOCO’s patented safety technology that provides spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection, making it safe and easy for anyone to use. Not only is it a powerful battery booster, it doubles as a portable power source for recharging USB devices, like a smartphone, tablet, and more. Designed for any 12V application, the NOCO Genius Boost will start cars, boats, RVs, trucks and more – both gas engines and diesel engines. How…

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Flashlights Varta

VARTA flashlights, head lights, camping lanterns and beam lanterns,

ALMOST INDESTRUCTIBLE – THE INDESTRUCTIBLE SERIES FROM VARTA IS IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES AND PROFESSIONAL USE Rain, heat, cold, dirt, a fall from great heights, hard knocks, enormous pressure – VARTA’s Indestructible flashlights withstand any hardness test. The Indestructible range is uniquely robust and can achieve even more: The extremely high light output makes this unbreakable flashlight the ideal companion in the darkness. Experience this completely new type of flashlights! Various designs of flashlights, head lights, camping lanterns and beam lanterns, from entry-level to premium prices, from lightweight to extremely…

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Fulmen Battery Range

Made in Europe by Exide Technologies : Original Equipment Manufacturer Powering the road ahead  Innovative battery solutions for the independent aftermarket Fulmen is introducing the next generation of light vehicle batteries to the aftermarket. Many ideas found in the new range were first developed in our original equipment business, where we design batteries for leading carmakers. The pioneering new range was designed to support the latest technologies, including Start-Stop and energy recuperation. Benefits 15% extra starting power All-round battery for standard use Complete range covering almost 100% of car parc Original equipment experience inside  …

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Jump-Starters Noco Genius

Jumper cables vs Portable lithium battery jump starter packs

Safely jump start a dead battery in seconds. Portable lithium battery jump starter packs up to 4,000 amps. Powerful battery booster jump box for jump starting cars, boats, motorcycles and more. Jumper cables vs boost. What is the difference between jumper cables and a NOCO lithium jump starter? There are many methods on how to jump start a car. Jump starting a car with a dead or severely discharged battery can be done by supplying it with power from an external source. Traditionally, people have used jumper cables as a…

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15 amp 12/24V NOCO Genius G15000 Multi-Purpose Battery Charger
Chargers Noco Genius

NOCO Genius® G7200 Battery Charger – Charge and Repair a Battery – Desulfate Car Battery

Review of the Noco Genius G7200 smart battery charger maintainer & repairer. The Noco Genius G7200 can repair, maintain, and charge 12v and 24v battery systems. It is safe to use and doesn’t apply voltage until it senses a battery, or until you select the power supply option. The Noco charger has settings for warm charging, cold charging, 12v, 24v, repair, AGM battery, and lithium battery charging.

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